Global FabLab Sites

Here is a small roundup of global fablab related websites:  -  the wrapper-type mother-ship that stimulates the creation of new Fab Labs, training for labbers around the world, the development of regional networks and foundations and the development of international projects.   -  the 5 month worldwide distributed intensive program to master all fablab skills.  -  the curated list of Fab Labs worldwide and their equipment; add yours !

Fabwiki  -  the community-built source of information about Fab Labs; its collaborative list of fablabs shows more labs than  -  the association of individuals interested in and/or involved in the FabLab community; it is a democratic organization run by its members.

And three new ones:

To create business opportunities for individuals and labs in the FabLab network.
A platform to obtain funding from sponsors for projects.


A wrapper around many of the above.

Print a Helping Hand

Recently several Dutch fablabs participated in Project Egg by printing stones. That was for art and fun. But such collaborative effort can be taken to a much higher level.



At FAB10 we met E-NABLE, a growing group of over 1000 members from all over the World to help create and design 3D Printed assistive hand devices for those in need.

Inexpensive prothesis, like Waag Society pioneered for leg limbs. The E-NABLE community develops them for missing hands and fingers. Fascinating, as you can see on their Facebook page. All material is open source to be adapted to a specific case. And you can join.

FAB10 – er zijn 30 beneluxers

30 benelux participants at FAB10 in Barcelona


dhub De afgelopen dagen stond FAB10 in het teken van fablabs en workshops.

Er was niet misselijk uitgepakt: in de grote hal van het gloednieuwe Design Center stonden tien volwaardige fablabs om te gebruiken. Tien lasersnijders/3Dprinters/vinylsnijders/frezen.

Van de laatste was de opvolger van de Modela interessant: Roland SRM-20 met een extra Arduino aan boord om het ding te kunnen hacken.

Het programma liegt er ook niet om.

Dit weekend is er het FabFestival voor het publiek met toepassingen uit de hele wereld, beetje Makerfaire.

En maandag het grote Fab City Symposium met sprekers vooral van buiten de fablab wereld. Dinsdag afterparty op het strand.

Er zijn ruim 30 mensen uit onze BeNeLux fablab community. Kruisbestuiving. Moeten we in Nederland ook weer eens oppakken.

FabLab Breda neemt deel aan FAB10 in Barcelona


Van 2-9 juli vindt in Barcelona de Fab10 plaats. Dit is een jaarlijks wereldwijd evenement waar FabLabs elkaar ontmoeten, elkaar bijpraten over de laatste ontwikkelingen, projecten uitvoeren en vooral ook heel veel lol hebben!

FabLab Breda zal de hele week aanwezig zijn en dagelijks een update geven via de site en hun Facebookpagina. Hou beiden dus in de gaten als je in Nederland blijft en toch een beetje wil meeproeven van dit lustrum evenement!


Inspiratiemiddag FabSchool – 27 juni

X11-kids-small-234x300Hoe maken we samen het Utrechtse onderwijs creatiever, leuker en eigentijdser?

Op vrijdag 27 juni nodigen X11 School voor Grafimedia en Rotslab het Utrechtse onderwijsveld uit om samen in gesprek te gaan en ervaringen te delen over moderne vormen van onderwijs.

Dit schooljaar werkten X11 en Rotslab samen binnen het project FabSchool. Binnen FabSchool is onderzocht hoe het werken met moderne productiemiddelen zoals 3D printers en lasersnijders bijdraagt aan de ontwikkeling van creatieve, technische en ondernemende vaardigheden van jongeren. X11 richt, in navolging daarop, na de zomer zelf een high-tech Fablab ruimte in.

Klik hier voor meer informatie

June 18 – Makers Day

The first Makers Day was a busy day.
In Washington DC president Obama initiated the first MakerFair(e) at the Whitehouse, Neil Gershenfeld and Nadya Peek were there.
In Middelburg Netherlands Bart Bakker of MiniFabLab addressed the kick-off of FabLab Zeeland.
In Apeldoorn Netherlands Jeroen de Boer of Frysklab probed the possibilities of a fablab at CODA.
In Tilburg Netherlands  FabLab013 announced they are adding a second location, on a cooperative basis.
And a request came in for an new Dutch fablab initiative called “Groene Hart”.
Things are not dull in FabLab country.

‘Successful business models for 3D printing’

We had a preview of the book  ‘Successful business models for 3D printing’ by Onno Ponfoort of Berenschot, that will appear this month.
It gives good state-of-the-art info on 3D printing, which might assist one to make his own business model. Includes a section by Peter Troxler.
Click the button INKIJKEXEMPLAAR on this page to see the english table of contents.
€ 24,95


American Library Association benadrukt belang makerspaces in bibliotheken

De American Library Association (ALA) heeft een persbericht gepubliceerd waarin zij haar steun voor het samengaan van bibliotheken met makerspaces uitspreekt. ALA-voorzitter Barbara Stripling verwoordt de reden daarvoor als volgt:


It’s enabling libraries to transform their relationship with communities and to empower community members of all ages to be creators of information, not just consumers.


De volledige tekst van het persbericht:


CHICAGO — Libraries of all types (academic, public, school, and special) are increasingly transforming their library spaces, resources and programming to offer makerspaces that provide opportunities for library patrons to engage with others in hands-on learning and creation.

Reflecting this rising interest in the making movement, the White House plans to host its first Maker Faire later this year.

The American Library Association would like to show library support for making in our communities. You and your institution may already be answering President Obama’s call for, “an all-hands-on-deck approach to science, technology, engineering, and math…to make sure that all of us as a country are lifting up these subjects for the respect that they deserve.”

Makerspaces in libraries allow everyone to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills; they facilitate opportunities for collaboration and community engagement that will aid in entrepreneurial thinking as well as the next generation of STEM jobs. They provide access to tools (from books to 3D printers) and, most importantly, “access to each other.”  Library makerspaces are powerful informal learning spaces that give local community members the ability to create, hack, and make their future.

American Library Association President Barbara Stripling has noted the value of makerspaces in libraries, saying, “It’s enabling libraries to transform their relationship with communities and to empower community members of all ages to be creators of information, not just consumers.”

If you would like to express your library’s support for makerspaces in libraries, please email Lauren Britton a, who is serving as the American Library Association’s representative for this effort.  Time is running out and ALA would love to have your library represented!

For more ways to get involved, visit


Dat ook onze eigen minister Bussemaker de link met bibliotheekwerk signaleert bleek afgelopen week tijdens het debat over de Bibliotheekwet.