Off to FAB11


This weekend quite a few of us (and from Ultimaker) will be off to Boston for the FAB11 conference.

The conference is sold out with some 800 participants and the schedule is broad (use your up and down arrows to scroll through it).

With a heavy Symposium on Thursday and Friday, and a FabFest on Sat and Sun.

I will be there all week and if you have a specific interest, you can reach me at bart [at] or on twitter as @makerbart.

Here a 35 min doc of FAB10 in Barcelona last year.

Tour de France – Recike a bike

What to do with a broken bike from a makers eye ?
Reorganize and saw it a bit.
Then again sit on it.

But Ouch!
Metal tubes look cool
But rubber tubes sit hot.















Fablab question: were these white parts 3D printed ?

Nieuwe serie FabSchool Kids in de Waag

Ook in 2015-2016 worden weer vier FabSchool Kids cursussen gegeven bij Fablab Amsterdam in de Waag op de woensdagmiddagen. FabSchool Kids is bedoeld voor kinderen van 10-12 jaar (groep 7 en 8 van het basisonderwijs) en is gericht op leren door te maken, creativiteit, (samen)werken en knutselen met techniek. FabSchool ondersteunt kinderen in het ontdekken en ontwikkelen van eigentijdse vaardigheden, waardoor ze beter zijn toegerust op de maatschappij van morgen.

Aan elke FabSchool Kids-cursus kunnen maximaal 20 kinderen meedoen. Meer informatie en inschrijven op De deelnameprijs is inkomensafhankelijk.


Knikkerbaan gemaakt tijdens fabSchool Kids

Tour de France – RepRap to Bicycle

Strange étappe?

Well, here a historic pic from September 2009: at right Erik de Bruin and Bart Bakker with a first RepRap at Protospace.

For that we had to silicon mold and cast the first connection pieces from Adrian Bowyers drawings at the fablab. Then we could print those pieces for a next Rap: add some tubes and rods and there we went. But it proved hard to get a RepRap square.


reprap 1st mtg at protospace

[Erik de Bruin is one of the founders of Ultimaker and drives a TESLA now.
Bart Bakker takes care of and drives an EVEO bike].


Now 6 years later suppose you want to 3D print a bicycle. Instead of welding you could use 3D printed lugs (connection parts) and rods/tubes. Like with the RepRap.

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-01 om 22.47.24Schermafbeelding 2015-07-02 om 13.41.38













It was done recently by Stephan Schürmann / ColorFabb. The parts were printed on an Ultimaker with XT-CF20 carbon-fiber plastic filament. See the bike and its open source cad-files on Youmagine.

Tour de France – Just cut from sprue

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-01 om 21.46.58

It is the start of the Tour de France all over the place here in Utrecht. We are looking with a fablab eye.


Do you need a bike? Just cut from the sprue and screw.












Lowrider Sawyer, an art project by Jurgen Kuipers, as seen at Kunstliefde Gallery in Utrecht.





If you want to drive a Sawyer, you can order a full functional kit, with all parts, before they are glued and welded to the sprues. And a one page instruction sheet.

Le Tour de France – Makers were first

TdF compThis weekend the Tour de France 2015 starts in Utrecht.

Did you know the concept of a Tour de France comes from making, not cycling.

Makers were first.

Every maker has to learn how to make things: the law of practice. If possible: learn from diffferent masters in different places.

In France there is a living tradition in many professions:
Le COMPAGNONNAGE, with its Tour de France!

A Compagnon learns a craft and travels around France to different ateliers (and masters) to hone his proficiency. His Tour de France may take 4 to 6 years. So it is not just learning a craft, it is Bildung in the classical sense.

This is so unique, that Unesco has put it on the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity:
“Compagnonnage, network for on-the-job transmission of knowledge and identities”

Don’t be mistaken: it is a modern concept with dozens of houses, centres de formation and a University. compagnonnageBBut it dates back to the 13th century.

At the end of his Tour de France a Compagnon will make his masterpiece, demonstrating what he learned. Many masterpieces of the past are preserved in les Musées de Campagnonnage de France.

Compagnons traditionally share their knowledge, like fablabs do. If you read french, see the basic principles of the Compagnonnage. Kind of Fabcharter XL.

Makerspaces in Libraries – new book

boek jeroen


Mid August the book ‘Makerspaces in Libraries’ will appear. Authors are Theresa Willingham and Jeroen de Boer.

Looking forward to see it, as its first chapter is ‘Budgeting and business planning for a librarymakerspace,’

Jeroen is the chairman of the Benelux FabLab Foundation and the driving force behind Frysklab.

ISBN-13: 978-1442252998
More details on Amazon

Tour de France @ miniFabLab Utrecht

Tdf@‘On 03jul15 all bicycles wil be removed because of the Tour de France’

Next weekend the Tour de France starts in Utrecht and will pass just in front of the miniFabLab.

As the miniFabLab sleeps two, two genuine makers/amateurs are invited to stay with us.

Because the roots of the Tour de France are in making, not in cycling.

As I will prove to you this week.


3d-scanrobot in FabLab Brainport

Daan de Groot en Maarten Beniers slaagden in juni 2015 voor hun eindstage van de opleiding Technicus Mechatronica bij het Summa College. In opdracht van Teclab koppelden zij een 3D-scanner aan een robotarm. Daarmee worden personen of objecten gelijkmatig ingescand en vervolgens geprint met een 3D-printer. Voorheen gebeurde dit handmatig, wat zelden 3D-prints van goede kwaliteit opleverde. Inmiddels zijn al veel personen door de robot ingescand bij FabLab Brainport – onderdeel van Teclab – en met een mooi beeldje van zichzelf naar huis gegaan.

YouTube Preview Image

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Ministers Kamp en Bussemaker bij FabLab Enschede

FabLab Enschede kreeg maandag 15 juni hoog bezoek. Minister Kamp van Economische Zaken kwam langs en bekeek de mogelijkheden van het lab.

Medewerkers van FabLab Enschede, Karin van Beurden en Ruben Timmers, gaven de minister een rondleiding en studenten lichtten diverse projecten toe. Zo illustreerden zij de verschillende speerpunten van FabLab Enschede: smart, high tech en textiel. Er werd hem een 3D geprinte virtual reality-bril getoond en hij zag hoe een met Arduino-aangestuurde stift zijn eigen hoofd tekende.

Minister Kamp kwam niet alleen naar Enschede. Ook Jet Bussemaker, minister van Onderwijs, Cultuur & Wetenschap was er. Zij legde de eerste, door FabLab Enschede op maat gemaakte, steen bij de nieuwe LEGO Education Innovation Studio.









MAKE: magazine on Madulthood

Schermafbeelding 2015-06-11 om 10.16.55

MAKE: magazine reports on our two American girls on their Tour de Fab.
‘Biking to 10 Fab Labs in the Netherlands’

Who also interviewed Diana at her beehives on the roof at FabLab Amersfoort.
Which provides a nice methaphor: like two bees they wander from lab to lab, creating unintended a lot of coherence in the community. Real bees are not aware of the service they provide to flowers.

Via the labs in Breda, Zeeland, Gent and Leuven, Brussels they are now on the brink of their Tour de France. Oui, comme une vraie compagnonnage (fr) (en).
They are makers on the learn, aren’t they ?