Mini FabLab



A full fledged Fablab costs around 40.000 euros.
Bart Bakker of Utrecht, Netherlands built one for under 3000 euros.

The scale is smaller of course, but functional it is comparable.
Good enough for a home fablab.

It consists of an A4 Laser Cutter, a vintage Ultimaker 3D-printer, a Mantis CNC-mill
and a CraftRobo vinyl/papercutter.

He built the Ultimaker and the Mantis 9 at the ProtoSpace Fablab. Both use an
Ultimaker open source motherboard and ReplicatorG for control.

The 35W lasercutter from HPC costed

4 Responses to “Mini FabLab”

  1. Dirk van Vreeswijk says:

    Awesome! Happy new year, Bart!

  2. Ton Zijlstra says:

    Cool! Hope you have a Fab 2011! (I also hope this does not mean we’ll see you around less in the other FabLabs, because you are tinkering in your own lab all the time 😉 )

  3. aafke says:

    Hey bro, that’s fab!
    Though ‘tinker’ is a tainted word here, keep tinkering away. Have fun!

  4. Paul Alting van Geusau says:

    Hey Bart, looks like you have it all nicely set up now.
    We had fun making things on your laser cutter.
    I want to see what you are making on your new Ultimaker sometime.

    Unfortunately the chocolate bars we etched for Emma melted on my drive down to south of France, so I just had to eat them ;~)