Come Get Your FabYearBook 2011!

Later than expected, but still with great pleasure we can announce the release of the FabYearBook 2011!

FabYearBook 2011 Cover
Cover design by Stephen Gallagher

The 2011 edition is bigger and more diverse than last year’s first ever edition. Again the FabYearBook shows you some of the wonderful things that are being done, created and made in the global network of FabLabs. If you leaf through it you’ll be struck by the wealth of ideas, color and inspiration. A big thank you to all who contributed their stories and examples.

Every time I visit a Fablab I see the same basic thing: everybody, and I really mean everybody, who enters a FabLab leaves it again with a smile on their face. Convincing people of the value of FabLabs for their community is as simple as bringing them into a FabLab. There is nothing more empowering than walking into a FabLab with an idea, and leaving it with an object you made. Even if that object is nowhere similar to your idea, even if it not really works yet as you intended. The act of Making will make everybody smile.

This second FabYearBook is hopefully another step in a yearly tradition of making that value, empowerment and sheer fun visible. Print this book, bind it in a cover you yourself designed and made in the FabLab, or use the one that Steven Gallagher designed and comes with the book.

This FabYearBook 2011 should have been published in February already, but I simply have been to busy to do it, and only too late started looking for help in finishing it. The reason this second edition is now ready, is because of the hard work and time spent by Susanne Welgraven, a student at the FabLab Arnhem in the Netherlands. She took on the work of designing the book and putting it together. Everything that is in this edition is to her credit, everything that is missing is my mistake. Thank you very much Susanne!

You can now download your copy of the FabYearBook 2011 as a zip-file at!

Join the FabYearBook 2012 Team!

For the 2012 edition (to be published February 2012) we are looking for 3 or more people who want to help form the editorial team. Get in touch if you want to make sure the third edition of the FabYearBook is even bigger, brighter and better. And on time 😉 Send an e-mail to

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