Win een week in het FabLab Noorwegen

Sherry Lassiter schrijft:

“It’s that time of year! We are challenging all of your fab labbers to an informal, one week, easter egg decoration competition. What cool egg decor can you make in the fab lab? I’m thinking of Fab Faberge Egg a la Las Vegas – an elegant vinyl treament that extends beyond the egg’s surface for my entry. Key rule is that you have to make it, or part of it, in the fab lab. Deadline is next Friday, March 21 at noon US East Coast time, 18:00 Norway time. This is when we will show off our creations on the Polycom. If you don’t have access to a Polycom, email me your pictures – or better yet, upload your images to the fab website and send me the link. Also include a description of how you made it.

The prize this year is a free trip to the Norway fab lab in June 2008. We’ve got your airfare, housing and meals covered for one week.

Here is a link to last year’s winners/entries:

We are looking for a few volunteers to judge the competition. Contact me!

lass AT”