FabLab Maastricht to print food in Toulouse

“Will 3D foodprinting replace chefs in restaurants and at home ?”

This is the title of a talk by Frits Hoff of FabLab Maastricht at the FabLab Festival in Toulouse on May 13.

3Dinnovationcenter.nl (FabLab Maastricht) is one of the few organisations specialized in 3D foodprinting. In 2013 Fritz Hoff was co-developer at TNO of the first 3D printer for chocolate. Since then a lot of R&D has been done in collaboration with multinationals and universities for several markets: chocolatiers (special mix, special 3D printer), supermarkets (personalized cakes), fine dining (recipes and designs with Michelin chefs, food designers etc), health care (smooth food for people who can not swallow / personalized nutrition), food suppliers (the use of vacuum fried dried fruit) etc…

The presentation will address these questions :
o What are the real benefits of 3D foodprinting?
o What kind of materials are currently being printed?
o Can we print with other ingredients like insects, algae or seaweed?
o What are currently the printing techniques for food printing?
o Who will use the food printers now and in the near future?

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