FabLab proud of Ultimaker

In 2011 Erik de Bruijn, Siert Wijnia and me (Bart Bakker) built RepRap 3D printers at Protospace FabLab.
Made from iron rods, it was hardly possible to get them square. Then Martijn Elserman suggested to use a wooden box. And so the Ultimaker Protobox was born.
I built the very first production Ultimaker Protobox. With serial number 4. And Martijn (1), Erik (2) and Siert (3) started a company called Ultimaker.

Now, only 6 years later, Ultimaker is a leading 3D printer company, employing some 300 staff. Yesterday is was announced that NPM, the investment fund of Fentener van Vlissingen, will invest in Ultimaker and become majority shareholder.
Read the announcement here.

The Ultimaker originated in a FabLab.

With some 80.000 Ultimakers in the field worldwide I cherish serial# 4.
Kind of Apple][ feeling.