FABSLADDA – miniFabLab meets IKEA

As of August IKEA will start selling a bicycle named SLADDA.
Made of aluminium with a novel chain drive.
Comes in a flat pack, with instructions. IKEA style.

But more important, IKEA will also offer a two-wheeled bike trailer for it,
which could be a good platform for a mini fablab for urban use.

This SLADDA trailer looks sturdy and we think it could be hacked into the FABSLADDA.
Maybe you heard about the british Fabbike that carries micro machines.
The FABSLADDA however will hold a full mini fab lab: a FullSpectrum or Glowforge lasercutter, 3D printer, vinyl cutter and boxes with maker gear.
As soon as IKEA releases it Bart Bakker’s miniFabLab will get one and hack a FABSLADDA.

IKEA released only these pictures of it and its dimensions are not known,
but most likely it will pass through a standard door, is lightweight and has large wheels.
And so to see a detachable drawbar to roll it into a classroom.