FABSLADDA – the URBAN MAKERCART with a pop-up mini FabLab or Makerspace

Bart Bakker wanted to design an Urban Makercart on the basis of the new IKEA SLADDA bike trailer. For schools, libraries, events. With a full miniFabLab is on board.


He did and built it. With all this in it, only the small CNC mill did not fit.

p1000290-1    p1000299-1

And here it goes: the FABSLADDA with 43 kgs of makergear inside, at 25 km/h.


The FABSLADDA will pass through any door of 78 cm or more. Setting up takes less that 10 minutes and then you have a workbench of 1.85 meter. The only external thing is you need is power.



The FABSLADDA is open source, plans are in this Instructable. Just the SLADDA trailer from IKEA (€ 169) and some plywood (€ 80). Background info at www.minifablab.nl