MAKERKAR – a Library Makercart with a mini fablab

makerkar library makercart transport

Bart Bakker’s MiniFabLab showed the prototype of the MAKERKAR Library Makercart at the Dutch National Library Congress.
The MAKERKAR has a full mini fablab on board: lasercutter with air filter for indoor use, 3D-printer, vinylcutter, electronics, tools and supplies. The cart is only 70 cms (28″) wide and can be transported in a van.

It is a mobile version of the MAAKPLAATS021 makerspace the Public Library of Amsterdam OBA is instituting in 10 of its neighborhood libraries. Aimed at schools and educators.
makerkar library makercart

The cart is constructed from standard 3030 alu profile and lasercut panels. Its design will open source: an instructable and BoM will be published on and end of April.

The MAKERKAR accomodates all current and announced desktop lasers like FullSpectrum, Glowforge, Muse, Dremel, MrBeamII and Emblaser2.

The aim is to design a Library Makercart that can be built anywhere in the world.