Fabschool Kids start in Amsterdam

Bij Fablab Amsterdam in de Waag start in februari een nieuwe serie workshops voor kinderen van 10-12 jaar. Fabschool Kids is voor kinderen die nieuwsgierig zijn en het leuk vinden om te knutselen, mode te ontwerpen of te werken met computers en elektronica. Nieuwsgierigheid, creativiteit en techniek – daar draait het in Fabschool Kids om. Kinderen leren er door te maken. De workshops worden begeleid door ontwerpers en kunstenaars die ruime ervaring hebben in het werken met kinderen en jongeren.

Deelname aan de workshops kost € 15,- per kind per keer.

13 februari 2013, 14.00-17.00 uur, Fabschool Kids 1: Speakers maken
27 februari 2013, 14.00-17.00 uur, Fabschool Kids 2: Bristlebots maken
6 maart 2013, 14.00-17.00 uur, Fabschool Kids 3: Programmeren met Scratch

First Fablab in Southeast Asia opens in Yogyakarta

Impulse for innovation, local entrepreneurship and knowledge sharing

On 29 July 2011, the HONFablab in Yogyakarta, Indonesia will be inaugurated in the presence of the Mayor of Yogyakarta and Prince Wironegoro KPH.

Waag Society, institute for art, science & technology and the House of Natural Fiber (HONF), an Indonesian media-lab, see the opening as the incentive for the creation of many innovative projects in the region. HONFablab was funded by Agentschap NL

Green City FabLab @ PICNIC08

Yesterday I joined the Green City Lab at Picnic08 in Amsterdam; a workshop organized by FabLab Utrecht and FabLab Amsterdam on personal fabrication. In the morning we improved the Shakelight by adding some more Lorentz to it. In the afternoon we visualized a fantastic concept called monergy, a monument for energy which started for me in Darjeeling, India.

Recently I joined an expert discussion on FabLab’s in The Netherlands organized by the Eindhoven initiative. One question was if any innovations already took place in the FabLab’s sofar. And to be honest, I could not come up with any, at least not the ones here in Holland. In India, yes; look here. At the same time, what is innovation? For me the whole innovative thing of FabLab is it’s enabling capacity to have people start sharing their personal fabrication narratives on a worldwide basis by uncovering the wealth of creativity within them. I remember attending the Greencity Lab and constantly confronting myself with the question “Am I going to find somebody to do the soldering for me or am I going to do it myself?” So very me… on my way to empowerment.

Following people’s struggles, reinventing themselves over and over on their paths towards success, is for me so very fascinating that really I can’t care less about FabLab’s themselves producing innovative products at this moment in time or not. After all, isn’t it all about the person realizing an imagined product idea? For instance Alex turning a garlic into a building after struggling for hours figuring out how rhino works.

Happy Chaos Genesis 2.0 Amsterdam

De schepping, de creatie en het Fablab.
Tijdens het Genesis 2.0 evenement op 24 mei 2008 kon kennisgemaakt worden met Waag Society’s FabLab. In het FabLab mag je zelf dingen fabriceren met moderne computergestuurde productiemachines. Geef geboorte aan je eigen mini robot en leer hem op zijn eigen benen te staan, of ervaar de schepping met de cocktails van NixMixMee met je eigen gefabriceerde prikker. Het kan en mag allemaal in Waag Society’s FabLab. In het FabLab staan experts voor je klaar die je van alles kunnen vertellen over de aanwezige machines.