The FabLab Truck Is Rolling Again: Hamburg

If you think a FabLab is cool, then you probably think a mobile FabLab is doubly cool. It not only does what a FabLab does, but you can invite it to come to you.

That’s exactly what the people behind the Hamburg FabLab initiative have done. To demonstrate to interested people what a FabLab can be, they arranged for a visit of Jaap Vermaas’s FabLab Truck.

From August 4th until August 6th you can find the FabLab Truck parked in Hamburg, and you can take part in different workshops from 14:00-21:00.

They made a little video introducing both the truck and the FabLab.

The FabLab Truck comes with one Makerbot 3D printer, a laser cutter, a vinyl cutter, and the FabLab video conferencing system. A RepRap 3D printer and a CNC milling machine are still in the process of being built.

For more pictures of the FabLab Truck and the FabLab Hamburg initiative see their Flickr photoset.