The URBAN MAKERCART – a pop-up fablab for schools and libraries

With the post miniFabLab meets IKEA two months ago I speculated about the possibility to use IKEA’s upcoming SLADDA bicycle trailer as a platform for a full blown mobile fablab FABSLADDA. So not just with simple STEM stuff, but with a real lasercutter on board, vinyl cutter etc

I contacted its designer – Sarah Fager – and she gave me the inside dimensions of the trailer.
It will fit the Full Spectrum lasercutter and might just (!) fit the announced Glowforge with its built-in filter.

Sarah Fager

Reason enough to design the URBAN MAKERCART.
The idea is that you bring the fablab to the class, not the class to the fablab.

The cart will have to carry a lasercutter and a (yellow) box with the other makergear: Ultimaker2Go, Cameo, laptop, tools, electronics, cables etc.

First: the URBAN MAKERCART could be coupled to a bicycle and be pedaled to an different location.
We will have to test this concept for stability.
With the lasercutter low on the cart and the yellow box on top of it, this might work, as the total height will be around 115 cms.
But IKEA will only release the SLADDA in mid August.

Secondly: the URBAN MAKERCART can pass through any door 77.6 cm or wider.
Which means it can be used as a pop-up makerspace in a school or library.
To be rolled to any location and deployed there in minutes.


At the miniFablab Bart Bakker hacked a crude 1:10 model of them.

First as a bike-trailer: the lasercutter is directly on the cart, the yellow box with the other gear strapped on top of it.
End August we will race it behind an EVEO 130 for stability.

P1000074  P1000077   P1000078 P1000080

Secondly as a pop-up in a school.
The yellow box is now below on the cart and the laser on top, under a lockable cover for its protection.
The cart will pass through almost any door and can be set up in minutes.
As the bike drawbar doubles as a handle-bar.
The cover will have folding legs so it can double as a workspace.

P1000081   P1000083   P1000084

That is the concept: an URBAN MAKERCART as a pop-up mini fablab, table size 200 x 75 cms.


As soon as the new school year starts we will construct one with the Full Spectrum lasercutter.
And then a long wait till in December the Glowforge finally arrives …. 
It does not require an exhaust, but will it fit the SLADDA ?