Benelux FabLab Foundation / Association

The original mission of the Dutch Fablab Foundation was to introduce, evangelize and spread the Fablab concept in the Low Countries.
The Foundation has all rights to the name ‘fablab’ and its logo for the Benelux.
The Foundation is run by a Board of volunteers. is not a franchising organization.
The Foundation does not start initiatives for founding fablabs, nor can she offer financial help.
What she can do is to foster the community of fablabs and initiatives.
She runs the website which gives access to all fablabs.
She also organizes periodically a fabtable, where labs will meet and discuss items of interest.
And she provide answers to common questions from the public on fablab.

A basic principle of a fablab is free access: no treshold for people, that want to make something, to familiarize themselves with digital fabrication machines. We want the to get on the leaning curve.

The foundation of any fablab is the Fabcharter. A makerspace, that will adhere itself to the Fabcharter, will be granted the right to name itself a fablab and to use the fablab-logo, if it pays a yearly licence fee.

For the time being this has been a symbolic one euro per annum, but in the future it will be a real amount of 60 to 100 euro per year, to cover some of the expenses of the foundation

The foundation had its own website with more details.
There you will also find the licence-application.