The 10K FabLab

At the FAB9 Conference in Yokohama (aug2013) Bart Bakker from minifablab  got the request to explore a Small Fablab Suite of machines for ‘The $10k fablab’.

The $10k fablab is a nickname for a small fablab/makerspace in the range between 10 and 15k investment.
With a international working group they came to the following.

The SFS should comprise a lasercutter, vinylcutter, router, 3D printer and an elementary electronics workbench.

Such a suite must – like the MIT standard suite – comply to conditions like:

  • Stable products
  • Quality
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • An easy to assemble kit is acceptable
  • Open source if possible
  • Worldwide available including supply chain.

A caveat though: machines may scale, but the learning curve for software not.

Here an example of a Small Fablab Suite that meets above conditions:

  • Lasercutter Full Spectrum 5Gen € 3000
  • Mill/router CNC-Step High-Z 720 € 4500
  • Vinylcutter GCC Expert 24 LX € 700
  • 3D Printer Ultimaker2 € 1900
  • Electronics workbench  € 1000

Total (excl. tax & shipping)                  € 11.100

For more details see